Well Designed Classroom with Technologies

The school has a fully equipped Computer Lab to train students in Computer Applications & internet facility so as to keep our students updated with the latest developments.

 The internet facility is a unique feature of Azam Campus and Anglo Urdu Girls High School for girls. This facility is available to students and teachers. Internet is an Information Superhighway through which students can get information on various subjects such as History, Geography, Maths, Science, Urdu, History, etc. at shortest time investment.

Computer Lab with Fast Internet Connection


The library of the school is on the second floor of the school building. It has all subjects’ textbooks from Std V to X. It also has reference books such as dictionaries, encyclopedia, atlases, current periodicals, Board question papers, sets, magazines, etc. to update the student’s knowledge with the changing time They can gain access to any book in any library in the world and carry their reference work to update their knowledge at a faster speed. The institutes inside Azam Campus have fiber internet connectivity.


The school has a huge playground with all sports amenities for girls to play and participate in various indoor and

outdoor sports & games. Our management has made a unique arrangement instead of having separate teachers, equipment, etc. for all schools colleges of the campus one sports academy is established.


Modern Technology apparatus for covering all experiments prescribed by the ISC and ICSE. This laboratory generates and sustains interest in the study of PHYSICS with practical knowledge by motivating our students of Class VI to XII to ensure divergent scientific thinking.

Chemistry Lab



This lab is equipped with all the apparatus and chemicals required for practicals for students from classes VI to XII. The students perform practicals as per the syllabus.

Biology Lab


This lab is equipped with well-equipped instruments, microscopes, computer and it gives relevant information about the unicellular and multicellular organisms by keeping the specimens of all multicellular organisms.